DINESH INDUSTRIAL CORPORATION along with our three sister concerns namely DINCO WIRE-NETIING PRODUCTS, GOYAL SCREENS MFG. Co., INDUSTRIAL TRADERS and DINCO OVERSEAS is today India’s largest manufacturers of Stainless Steel (SS)/Brass/Copper Wire-mesh, Perforated Screens and Sugar Specific Screens.


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Dinesh Industrial Corporation
along with our concerns namely Dinco Wire netting Products, Goyal Screens Mfg. Co., Industrial Traders, and Dinco Overseas is today India’s largest manufacturers of Wire-mesh or Wire-nettings and Perforated Screens or Perforated Plates in Stainless Steel/Mild Steel/Brass/Copper.

These items are primarily used for filtration/ strainers and other processes in various machines used in Sugar, Rice, Food, Chemical, Construction, Pulp & Paper, Textiles, Automobile and other industries. Apart from filtration process, these screens are also applied in audio equipments for sound systems, for Architectural décor, in various appliances, as Furniture, as industrial equipment like conveyors/ guards etc.

We have been manufacturing these screens since past 35 years. We are catering to more than 250 leading industries all over India and abroad and have maintained our leadership in the business in entire India through all these years consistently supplying quality products and offering best services to our professionally managed strong customer base. All our concerns are ISO 9001:2008 certified.

We can supply screens in coil, or as a screen sheet of desired size or even as completely fabricated and finished part supported by drawing and pictures.

We primarily cater to Sugar industry and are able to supply all kind of Sugar Screens. Our manufacturing Sugar Screens range from Centrifugal Screens, Backing Screens, Vacuum Filter Screens, Drum/ Mud Filter Screen to Vibrating Screen, Grader and Hopper Screen in SS, Brass and Copper. Further, we have established joint-ventures to meet our requirement for Nickel Working Screens, DSM Screens/ Sieve Bend Screen/ Wedge Wire Screen and other Special Screens. For more details please click

Our range of screens have also being tried outside India in other parts of Asia, Africa, Latin America and have been well accepted. Our main overseas market include Thailand, Pakistan, Vietnam, Nepal, South Africa, Indonesia, Taiwan, Turkey, Kenya, Philippines, Tanzania, Uganda, Nigeria, Iran, Bangladesh, Russia, Colombia, Brazil, Peru, Venezuela, Argentina, Poland, Romania, Parts of North America etc.

Though we have specialization for Sugar industry but we also cater to other industries like Rice, Chemical, Paper etc. and are open to consider any requirement coming from any industry for all type of Perforation patterns and sizes and Wire-Mesh.

We are also having tie-ups for High quality screen products and special perforation with one of the best supplier in the world to meet our high-end customers who are looking for high quality & can pay equivalent price for improving performance in its application.

We’re dedicated to customer service and quick response time for any of your requirement. We offer prompt, courteous response to inquiries and on time order delivery. Our representatives work hand-in-hand with engineering, purchasing, production, shipping, and accounting to process your order from start to finish. We are always ready and available to discuss special & custom screen requests.

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