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Perforated Sheets

Perforation refers to the puncturing of a material with a harder (usually sharp) object to create a hole or aperture. Perforated Metal Sheets are custom made design of metal sheets. Holes (perforations) of various types & sizes are made to any metal sheet.

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Perforation refers to the puncturing of a material with a harder (usually sharp) object to create a hole or aperture. Perforated Metal Sheets are custom made design of metal sheets. Holes (perforations) of various types & sizes are made to any metal sheet.

Metal Perforation is generally done by Die & Punch technique. Usually there are a number of punches and dies in a given set. The material is sheared by the sharp edges of the punch and die. The clearance (the measured distance between the outside circumference of the punch and the inner circumference of the die) are maintained to ensure a clean cut from the work piece. The punch is pressed through the material (either by machine or hand tool) and into the die removing a blank, resulting in a perforated work piece.

There are various types/ patterns in Perforation. The perforation generally used is the Round Holes & the Slot Holes. Other perforations are special design perforation and are made on demand as required. Further, there are numerous perforation used for Architectural in interior and exterior décor. We mainly produce perforation in Round Holes, Square or Rectangular Hole, Slot Holes in various sizes. For other perforations we have tie-ups with best supplier who can provide us these at best price and equivalent quality.

We are also having tie-up for high quality screen and special design perforation with one of the largest supplier of Perforated Plates. This association helps us in meeting the requirement for customers looking for high grade quality (including the high quality raw material) and can pay equivalent prices. These sheet ranges from normal to special design or to any ornamental perforation for decorative applications.


Our production is for all type of Metals- Stainless Steel (SS), Mild Steel-MS (Or equivalent grade), Brass, Copper or Aluminum. SS Screen is the most popular screen. It is very durable and highly resistant to corrosion. Stainless steel screen contains chromium and nickel in addition to plain steel. It is non magnetic in the general condition. In SS, we normally use alloys in 304. On demand, we can make available screens in any grade of steel (201, 302, 430, MS-EDD grade etc).

Brass screen contains component of Copper & Zinc. The content percentages that are available here in India are in ranges- 60%-40%, 63%-37% (Standard), 65%-35% (High tensile strength), 70%-30% & 75%-25% with copper content always on a higher side. The more the zinc content, the harder the brass. Copper screen normally contains copper upto 99% and 1% as residual.


  • Width from 150MM to 1520MM
  • Thickness from 0.2MM to 8MM (to 10MM in MS)
  • Hole dia. from 0.4MM to 80MM


Perforated Plates/ Screens are used in various industries as filters, graders & grinders, processing etc. All sugar, chemical, oil, food processing, pharma, construction, paper products, agriculture & other industries require one or the other type of perforated plate/ screen.

Kindly click applications for more details.

  • Round Holes Fine Mesh
  • Round Holes Regular Pitch
  • Round Holes Medium Pitch
  • Round Holes Distance Pitch
  • Round_Holes_Square_Pitch
  • Round Small Holes
  • Round Holes Close Pitch
  • Supporting Sheets
  • Slot Holes HQ
  • Slot/ Oblong Holes
  • Oblong Hole Staggered
  • Round and Stabbed hole
  • Slotted Holes bone
  • Square
  • Square Diag
  • Oval_Shaped_Hole
  • Diamond Hole
  • Supporting Sheets
  • Hexagonal
  • Projected Perforated Sheet
  • Checker Plater
  • Lipped Sheet
  • Large Capsule Hole
  • Wizard Screen

The sizes, specifications & design are customized to meet the requirements of the customers. For sizes on perforation other than round holes, please contact us through email or phone.

Let us know your requirement of a perforated sheet of any type and send us sketch or sample by courier mail or email. We would make sure you get what you required and at reasonable price.



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