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High Quality Screens (Premium)

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We have tie-up with one of the largest supplier in the world for special perforated plates in different patterns and sizes to meet our demand for high-end customers who are looking for high quality screens. Depending on the requirements, these screens are readily available or are custom made as per requirement. The special design perforations (other than the normal perforated plate) are available for bulk requisition or for projects or for regular need.

Apart from the normal screens (Round, Slot, Square), we make available the following special perforation through this partnership-

Bridge Holes

This is a special perforation produced with extreme precision which forms a bridge type shape. The combination of heavy sheet thickness and very fine openings provides great resistance for e.g. filtering and ventilation. The design of the screen affects the airflow and the airflow rate affects directly the drying rate.

Bridge slot perforation is often used for drying of all kinds (as drying floors or Silo Drying), for example herbs, tea, grain and grass seed, maize, rape seed and wood chips. They are used in Food processing as drying, water drainage shafts and chemical processing. Please consult us for sizes.

  • Bridge Hole
  • Bridge Hole


Trieur sheets are one of the components in machinery that specializes in sizes/sorts grain and seeds or separates them from foreign bodies. In order to achieve the best results the correct shape of ‘pockets’ is vital. These are developed with a minimum of spacing between the ‘pockets’ to provide the maximum sorting/sifting per square meter to maximize your equipment productivity.

Trieur sheets are available in mild and stainless steel and with almost any size of ‘pockets’ – round, flat or combined types. Moreover, the sheets can be supplied as flat plain sheets cut to size or as rolled and welded cylinders. These sheet are applied for Cleaning (Wheat, Raw Rice, Barley, Maize, Oat etc), for Sorting (Rice, Pulses, Barley, Rye etc.), for Seed Processing (Vegetable Seeds, Cereals, pulses etc.), for Bulk materials (Granules, Recylcing, Wood Pellets etc).

  • Trieur Hole


These are specially shaped holes that allow easy exit of particles through the screen, even with small holes in thick material. These screens give a perfect result in the milling process. These can be produced with a thickness many times the hole diameter. It enables control of airflow and sieving. The design and angle of perforation is developed to reduce the possible filling/clogging of the holes.

Perfocon’s are suited for separation processes. However, they have a wide range of other applications from cheese boxes to distributor plates in fluid bed dryers and hammer mill cylinders. Hole sizes are available in stainless steel from 0.15 mm to 1.0 mm and in mild steel from 0.15 mm to 3.0 mm.

  • Perfocon
  • Perfocon

Nose Screens

These are special perforation which gives a nose-type shape. These are specially needed in the agricultural industry for grain sorting and drying, through special applications to parts for agricultural machinery. Apart from agricultural industry, these are also used in Food and Processing industry for various processes.


There are reduced-size perforations (half-holes, three-quarter holes), so that lugs can be embossed with very close hole spacing, even in slotted perforations.

  • Stabbed & Rasp


These are the screens with round holes of different dia in a particular shape and pattern. These are primarily used in Sound Proofing Systems (to achieve optimal sound) and Electronic/ White Goods. Further, they also find applications in Architectural Buildings/ Infrastructures.

  • Accoustic Screens


There are many different types embossed shape available with sheet thicknesses up to 5 mm in Stainless Steel/ Mild Steel. Embossed products are used for many different applications, from supporting plates to drainage grilles and industrial platforms through to trays with low adhesions properties for thermal processes, and much more. These are also used in Anti-Skid applications as walkways and for Architectural design as claddings or coverings etc.

  • Embossed


These are the unconventional patterns; very custom made design primarily used for Interior or Exterior décor as Architectural applications (Like protection screens, façades, claddings etc). These are available on request. We normally deal in the designs that are in the picture link. Any other designs are taken forward only on case basis.

  • Ornamental
  • Ornamental


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