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Wire – Netting

WireMesh or Wire-netting is a process of knitting the wire to form an inter-link that forms a net-type product (or screen) which is primarily used in filtration process. This wire-netting is normally made in all sorts of material from Metal, Plastic to Cotton Thread. This is also sometimes called as Woven Mesh. Comparatively, Woven mesh is wider term as it includes all types of weaving from Square Mesh, Plain type, Dutch weaving to Twill Weaving, Fine Mesh etc.

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Apart from the Square Wiremesh and Other Woven Mesh, there are slight other forms like the Crimped Mesh, Welded Mesh, Chain Link Chicken Wiremesh (Hexagonal), Barbed Wire or Razor Link. We produce all types of plain Wiremesh except for some other forms as above for which we have tie-ups with our long-term partners.


Our production is for all type of Metals- Stainless Steel (SS), Brass or Copper. SS Wiremesh is the most popular woven screen. It is very durable and highly resistant to corrosion. Stainless Steel Wire-mesh contains chromium and nickel in addition to plain steel. It is non magnetic in the general condition.

There are mainly two alloy types of SS: Type 304, Type 316

Type 304: It contains 18% chromium and 8% nickel. It is much strong but not as resistant as type 316. It is mainly used for sorting, filtering and screening of abrasives, liquids, powders and other solids like sugar.

Type 316: It contains 18% chromium, 10% nickel & 2% molybdenum. This increases its resistance to corrosion by salts, acids and seawater. It is less strong but highly resistant. It is used in processing of oils and foods, chemicals and pharmaceuticals industry.

Other Alloys used:

  • 302 SS- It is a low grade stainless steel alloy. It is extensively used in producing in China for its economical cost
  • 304L SS- Similar as 304 SS but with better welding characteristics for lower (L) carbon content
  • 316L SS- Similar as 316 SS but with better welding characteristics for lower (L) carbon content
  • 321 SS- Similar as 304 SS but can handle high operating temperatures due to the addition of Tianmium
  • 430 SS- It has highest corrosion resistance. It is commonly used in the food processing industry


  • Width from 300MM to 2500MM
  • Wire thickness from 0.2MM to 4MM
  • Mesh from 2 to 80 Mesh. Fine Mesh- 100 Mesh, 200 Mesh, 300 Mesh, 400 Mesh

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Wiremesh’s are used in various industries as filters, fencing, screening, processing, environmental protection etc.

All sugar, chemical, oil, food processing, pharma, construction, paper products, agriculture & other industries require one or the other type of wiremesh screens for filtration and other process.

The wiremesh/ wirenetting patterns of different types & sizes that we either produce or trade in are as below. Please note that the patterns shown below are not to scale and dependant on your screen resolution, size and setup.

Let us know your requirement of a wiremesh of any type and send us sketch or sample by courier mail or email. We would make sure you get what you required and at reasonable price.

When placing your wirenetting/ wiremesh order, be sure to consider the following items:

  1. Quantity & Size State the number of pieces and the size of the sheet (Length & Width) i.e. 2500mm X 512mm
  2. Wire Gauge/ Thickness Specify in wire gauge size or in mm i.e. 16 SWG
  3. Metal Type State the type of material required, i.e. stainless steel, copper, brass etc
  4. Pattern & Shape Specify the pattern and shape of the wiremesh or netting as above
  5. Wire Mesh Size Specify the size of the wiremesh (per sq. inch) i.e. 16 Mesh (If applicable)
  6. Others Specify all the related sizes and dimensions of specialized wirenetting like hexagonal etc
  7. Unless otherwise specified, the length will be the long dimension of the sheet.


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