DINESH INDUSTRIAL CORPORATION along with our three sister concerns namely DINCO WIRE-NETIING PRODUCTS, GOYAL SCREENS MFG. Co., INDUSTRIAL TRADERS and DINCO OVERSEAS is today India’s largest manufacturers of Stainless Steel (SS)/Brass/Copper Wire-mesh, Perforated Screens and Sugar Specific Screens.


Nut Shell Filter Screens

Nut Shell Filters are down flow, deep bed, walnut shell media filters, designed for produced water filtration. As the liquid passes through the media bed, oil and solids are efficiently retained in the bed, and can then be easily back washed out of the media bed with the rotating media scrubbing assembly.

In oil fields, these Filters are used to remove suspended solids and hydrocarbons from produced water, surface water, sea water, river, lake, and well water. In metal working, power generation, municipal, chemical and petrochemical applications, they treat and remove suspended solids, oily residues, ash, and metallic hydroxides from industrial liquids. These screens purifies oily process water and industrial waste water.

We supply Nutshell Filter screens- Media Support Screens and Scrubber Support Screens for produced water or waste treatment system for a wide range of oil, gas, refining and chemical processing applications. Our good strength screens are designed to meet the customer requirements of pressure flow and operating temperature. We supply the screens mainly in materials as–SS304, SS316, Duplex/ Super Duplex [SS2205/SS31803].


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