DINESH INDUSTRIAL CORPORATION along with our three sister concerns namely DINCO WIRE-NETIING PRODUCTS, GOYAL SCREENS MFG. Co., INDUSTRIAL TRADERS and DINCO OVERSEAS is today India’s largest manufacturers of Stainless Steel (SS)/Brass/Copper Wire-mesh, Perforated Screens and Sugar Specific Screens.



Dinco Industries has a long history of providing high quality metal perforating & wirenetting solutions for a broad range of applications.

  • Aerospace: fuel filters, air filters
  • Appliances: dish washer strainers, microwave screens, dryer and washer drums, cylinders for gas burners, water heaters and heat pumps, flame arrestors
  • Architectural: stairs, ceilings, walls, floors, shades, decorative, sound absorption
  • Audio Equipment: speaker grills
  • Automotive: fuel filters, speakers, diffusers, muffler guards, protective radiator grills
  • Brewing: Sizing grains, Filtering
  • Construction: Aggregate classifiers, dredging screens
  • Decorative: Paneling, False Ceiling, Lighting
  • Food Processing: trays, pans, strainers, extruders
  • Furniture: benches, chairs, shelves
  • Filtration: filter screens, filter tubes, strainers for air gas and fluids, dewatering filters
  • Hammer mill: screens for sizing and separating
  • HVAC: enclosures, noise reduction, grilles, diffusers, ventilation
  • Industrial equipment: conveyors, dryers, heat dispersion, guards, diffusers, EMI/RFI protection
  • Lighting: fixtures
  • Medical: trays, pans, cabinets, racks
  • Paper Making: Waste Liquor strainers, Pulp refine screens, centrifugal screen plates
  •  Pollution control: filters, separators
  • Power generation: intake and exhaust manifold silencers
  • Mining: screens
  • Retail: displays, shelving
  • Security: screens, walls, doors, ceilings, guards
  • Ships: filters, guards
  • Sugar/ Corn/ Starch/ Flour processing: centrifuge screens, mud filter screens, backing screens, filter leaves, screens for dewatering and de-sanding, diffuser drainage plates
  • Textile: heat setting
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